Week 17

How far along? 17 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: I’m weighing in at 133lbs…another +2 lbs this week for a total of +5 lbs thus far. I sure hope this pattern doesn’t keep up!!
Maternity clothes? Still just using the maternity leggings, and the jeans trick!
Stretch marks? Not so far!
Sleep: I have been sleeping quite soundly as of late. I get up usually once in the early morning to pee and then fall right back to sleep. However, I remaind quite tired all the time!
Movement: In place of the “have you told family and friends” question I will now introduce movement as a category mainly because I think I may have felt something…but I could be wrong! They say you will start to feel baby’s movement anywhere from 15-22 weeks (if you are a first time preggo it will be closer to the 20 week mark). I have had a couple of funny feelings in the lowest part of my belly (right where Bambino Bell resides). These feelings have only happened twice, so I am skeptical. They feel exactly how others have described…butterflies, popping popcorn, light tickling from the inside. Each time I was laying quietly by myself and I just stopped and thought hmmm…what was that? I will keep you updated if these movements start happening more often and whether they feel the same…or if I was just crazy and reading too much into gas 🙂

Best moment this week: I have had a bit of a hankering for a deli sandwich. I normally only eat a sandwich from Subway or if someone makes me one. However, in my reading up on the dos and don’ts for pregnancy eating “they” say deli meats can be contaminated with listeriosis so you are to avoid them at all costs. I don’t necessarily believe this, but since I don’t eat many sandwiches I figured I may as well steer clear. However, this week while at the grocery store I really wanted a sandwich…so over to the vegetarian aisle I went and voila…vegetarian bologna!! I made myself a sandwich for lunch the next day and it tasted exactly like bologna without the risk of listeriosis meat contamination!! Woo! I’d say that is a win!
Miss Anything? Nothing particularly this week!
Food cravings: Besides that minor sandwich “want” I have not had many cravings. This week I have actually not been satisfied with much of anything I have eaten. I hope I am not going back to my nothing tastes good phase. I am a bit disappointed that I haven’t had many cravings. I know I am not even half way, but I thought for sure with my appetite and snacking ability I would have several cravings by now!
Anything making you queasy or sick: This week I have been nausea and queasiness free! Woo…another pregnancy win!
Have you started to show yet: I believe we are there! It still definitely grows bigger in the evening, but I constantly have a bit of a belly. However, I still feel when I am wearing my normal jeans the belly is not very noticeable. I highly doubt if someone didn’t know me they would look at me and think I wonder how far along she is! I still feel just doughy and less baby belly like.
Gender prediction: I am still thinking girl. This topic is currently among high debate ! Half of the family says we should wait to find out, the other half are insistent that we do find out. If you had asked me prior to becoming pregnant whether I would find out the sex of my baby it would have been a definitive yes! If you had asked my husband the same question he says it would have been no. We are now flipping our tunes. Chris thinks he wants to find out and I think we should wait. We will have to decide soon…the verdict is still out for now!
Labor Signs: No, thankfully!
Belly Button in or out?  In, and so is the belly ring…I can’t let it go!
Wedding rings on or off? On…I will really loathe the day when I can’t wear them. I am assuming it will happen, especially since I will be highly pregnant in the swell-friendly summer months!
Happy or Moody most of the time: This week I think I am just mediocre. I haven’t been cranky, but I also haven’t been overly joyous either! Even though I am sleeping well I find I am still quite tired and I think that adds to my affect.
Looking forward to: Cravings, an obvious baby belly, our second ultrasound and finally working on our nursery décor!! We inherited some beautiful furniture (thanks again Mom!!!!) for our basement, so Chris will be moving his desk out of our main floor bedroom into the new family room basement. We will be moving the day bed from our soon to be nursery into the main floor bedroom (as a guest room). Thus, leaving the nursery empty and ready for decorating!! Stay tuned for a whole post on that topic!!

Here is the belly shot this week! I don’t know why but my phone seems to take a blurry picture sometimes…perhaps my photographer husband needs a steadier hand haha! Also keep in mind this is my late night belly after tacos and a really delicious dessert I tried from Pinterest http://parentpretty.com/cake-mix-cookie-bars-recipe/ (for the record Mom, they turned out pretty good I might alter the recipe a tad next time, but overall a tasty treat)! Anyone interested I used half Reese’s peanut butter chips and half chocolate chips as my mix ins. I also subbed 3/4 of the recommended oil for applesauce as most of the comments said the bars came out too oily. Mine came out a bit dryer than I would like so maybe next time I would go for more oil 🙂

week 17

I was pretty impressed with my onion drawing abilities this week!

Alas Chris’s immune system seems to be down as of late. Tonight he is sick in bed with a stomach bug! So, sadly no bump shot again this week for Chris! Boy oh boy by the time we see him next who knows how big that bump will be 😉

Until next time!!

One thought on “Week 17

  1. Wow – there is the start of a belly! (Even if it is just gas and tacos!) Beautiful as ever sister! I am loving these updates, but can’t wait to see you in person!! Hope to see you soon.

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